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The Stonehouse, Selly Oak/Bartley Green/Weoley Castle border.


knowlegable brummie
Gone. Bulldozed. A pile of rubble being cleared away. A lovely big pre-war pub built when everything to the west of it was still farmland. My Grandfather's old local throughout the 1950s, and a local landmark in south west Brum. I was born about two hundred yards from it, and grew up about a mile and a half in the other direction.

It struck me that within a two mile radius of my old family home in Quinton, almost all the pubs have gone.

The California, the Stonehouse, the Scarlet Pimpernel, The Monarch (now a private members club), The Old Village Stump, the Punchbowl, the Golden Cup, the Kings Highway, ad numerous others if I widen the circle.

I guess it is probably the same in most suburbs.


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such a shame weoley but an unfortunate sign of the times..we have lost so many pubs all over the country really...do you happen to have a photo of the stonehouse dont think ive ever seen one...



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It is indeed a shame, I too have seen a number of really fine building demolished in recent years. I know that things have changed, and that these large pubs don't attract the custom that they used to enjoy, but it saddens me when they flatten these building because it cheaper than finding an alternative use for them.


knows nowt
My relatives were also regulars at the Stonehouse - and the California.
Many a happy hour spent in the grounds of the Stonehouse with a glass of pop and a packet of crisps (if I was lucky).
I think there was a load of Nissan huts next door, or nearby, in the fifties?

Old Boy

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it saddens me when they flatten these building because it cheaper than finding an alternative use for them.[/QUOTE]

Hi Morturn,

The truth is that the land is more valuable than the buildings on them.

Old Boy

Local History

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The Bartley Green District History Group purchased the 'date stone' from the Stonehouse Pub, it was hoped the bricks would contain a 'frog' to identify where they were made, i.e. Smarts Brickworks opposite, but none were found.