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  1. MWS

    Old street pics..

    Re : aerial photos of Miller St. post #5710. Here are 3 maps from 1950. I've attempted to rotate the first 2 to line them up with the photos a bit better. Elkington St is at the bottom. The houses within the bottom triangle seem to match. Again Elkington St is at the bottom, Miller St on...
  2. MWS

    City Centre Photographs

    Britain From Above have some photos showing those buildings. Here's one, there might be better ones... https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW041475
  3. MWS

    William Callow, Green Grocer, 104 Holyhead Road, Handsworth 1910-1920s

    There's a William & Selina Callow living in Holyhead Road on 1911 census. He is listed as a Gold Bracelet Maker though. One of his daughter's is listed as a Shop Assistant Grocer and another a Shop Assistant Fancy Dealer.
  4. MWS

    Criminal Records

    There's a possible record on findmypast - lists him as Harry or John Henry or Harry or Reginald Harry - Enderson or Rogers or Allport. Not sure if the subscriptions are more reasonable.
  5. MWS

    Smith Street 1914

    That's good, wasn't sure I was looking at the right person. Was it Michael Neill rather than O'Neill? Seems to be just Neill on the marriage, baptisms & censuses.
  6. MWS

    Smith Street 1914

    I see from Alfred's birth certificate that Annie was married before to a (George ?) Morris. Did she marry again before Savage?
  7. MWS

    Smith Street 1914

    Here are a list of Bham sub-districts... https://www.ukbmd.org.uk/reg/districts/birmingham.html
  8. MWS

    Smith Street 1914

    Looks like a proper birth certificate to me. Is it the mention of St Mary's? As it says this a sub-district of Bham, some of which would have been named after a church. Doesn't mean the birth/baptism had anything to do with the church it was named after.
  9. MWS

    Lennox Street

    It looks like that Edwin and Eliza had a daughter, Eliza Ann, registered Jun qtr 1871 (died 1872). Might be a dfferent address on her birth certificate.
  10. MWS

    Midland Railway Goods Offices Birmingham 1865-1870

    Wikipedia lists some of the Midland Railway stations... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midland_Railway ...Lawley St, Curzon St and New St which they shared with the LNWR. If you do find his record it should list the station he worked at.
  11. MWS

    Midland Railway Goods Offices Birmingham 1865-1870

    There are railway employment records available on Ancestry. And there are a number of W Rileys listed (some for Birmingham) but that's all I can see without a subscription.
  12. MWS

    Jenkins - Stephens

    Mary Ann Jennings didn't seem to have much luck with husbands. Married Thomas Edward Jenkins 1892 (died 1903) Married Thomas Hewson 1906 (died 1908) Married Leroy George P Yates 1909 (died 1914) And I think she was married before Thomas Jenkins as well, she appears to be listed as Ball on...
  13. MWS

    Jenkins - Stephens

    That looks to be it, those were her parents.
  14. MWS

    Jenkins - Stephens

    Still no Elsie Jenkins/Stephens marriage. And I think she may have married George Thomas in 1915. She also has a sister Evelyn Gertrude who possibly married William Thorneloe
  15. MWS

    Jenkins - Stephens

    Elsie Maud Jenkins is listed with mmn Jennings so it appears to be right.