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  1. Davenport

    Group photos

    Yes there were flats there. We lived there when I was just a baby, a long time ago !
  2. Davenport

    Group photos

    One for aggie2347. Central Fire Station. April 1950. My Dad back row third from left.
  3. Davenport

    Group photos

    This group photo is of employees at J & E Sturge Ltd. Lifford Lane. 1923. my Grandfather is is seated 6th from left front row.
  4. Davenport

    Rose and crown..hospital/brearley st

    Thanks for Beehive info, D.
  5. Davenport

    Brearley Street

    Thanks again, that’s why I couldn’t find it on my list of pubs, D.
  6. Davenport

    Brearley Street

    Thank you all for your help, it’s very much appreciated.D.
  7. Davenport

    Brearley Street

    I wonder if Mikejee or anyone can locate Bee Hive House, 120 Brearley Street on a map. Listed on 1841/1851 census, owned or rented by Robert Davenport and family. Although the brewing family I do not think it was a public house. Thank You.
  8. Davenport

    Alderlea Secondary School

    Sorry to hear this,Mr Bleach taught me music. I remember he ‘volunteered’ me to sing in Alderlea choir that joined other schools in a concert at Birmingham town hall. It was Bizet Carmen c.1966.
  9. Davenport

    Group photos

    Thank you so much Pedrocut,much appreciated.
  10. Davenport

    Night soil man on 1871 census.

  11. Davenport

    Group photos

    I wonder if anyone can add any info to this Group Photo. Taken in 1936. I can make out at the bottom of the cutting, Scotland, schoolboys, match?,Villa. My Dad is highlighted with the square around him. Thank you.
  12. Davenport

    Group photos

    Family group photograph celebrating a family members 21st birthday.c.1932
  13. Davenport

    Saturday Sweet Van Shard End 1950's

    Yes I remember it and I think it was called The Silver Queen.
  14. Davenport

    Marriage certificate query.

    Wondering why both the Father’s name and Profession are not included on this marriage certificate? witnessed by Robert Davenport and Jane Davenport. Mary’s Father was a Robert,as well as a Brother and Sister Jane. Thank you.
  15. Davenport

    In the Garden 2020