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    Scout Jamboree Sutton park

    Even though I was only 6 years old I vividly remember the Queen driving past and the Native Americans and Wigwams.
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    In the Garden 2020

    We have bats swooping past our balcony at twilight. Usually during Autumn evenings but recently over the past few weeks. They are wonderful to watch before we close the blinds. We back on to the River Lee Navigation in Stanstead Abbotts and the area is part of the Lee Valley Park. Where are you?
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    Cheques in this day and age

    Perhaps members my be able to help you if they know where you are getting your father's service records from.
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    I added my comment to old mohawks but it does not seem to have linked properly
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    We have not shopped at large supermarkets for years. We are lucky to have a Co-op in our village plus a very good pharmacy and a newsagents. Between the three they have been providing a very good service. There are restrictions on the number of customers at a time and closures to restock shelves...
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    Childhood Memories Of Trains

    I was bought up in Rectory road Sutton and used to watch the steam trains from my garden. I also used to love standing under the railway bridge in Rectory road while they went overhead, The noise and that unforgettable smell of steam and smoke!
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    National Service

    Thank you.
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    National Service

    Brilliant. Thant you. I will look at the Sutton Coldfield history archive. Carolann
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    National Service

    Thank you.
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    National Service

    What is an M.U? I would be interested if anyone has any information on a Sutton Coldfield RAF Camp during late 40's early 50's. Any help much appreciated. Carolann
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    National Service

    I think it was a training camp.
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    National Service

    It has been interesting reading your posts about National Service. I am researching my family history and came across a link with the RAF camp in Sutton Coldfield 1949/50. I wondered if any BHF members were stationed there at that time. Carolann
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    Sweets We Used To Have

    After seeing this post I bought some last week, but like many things it was not as nice as I remember it. I found it oversweet with an unpleasant aftertaste. Still it only cost a pound for three bars and my husband ate the rest!
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    Money!!!! - before decimalisation! Info needed please!

    As Brownies in the 1950s we did "Willing shilling week" Not sure that would be an appropriate fund raising event now!