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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    What a surprise. Very sad news. A wonderful actress a great loss.
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    Thank you for finding these cuttings. What an interesting character he was.
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    Thank you so much for finding these links it is really interesting. As I was only a child my Nan didn't give me the full story of who he really was!
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    Whilst searching through some family papers I came across a piece of very old sheet music of Sally The Sunshine of our Alley sung by Fred Barnes. No 1391 priced at 6d. I know that my Grandmother, who was a few years younger than Freddie, as she called him, was a fan because she had talked about...
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    Group photos

    The bridesmaids don't look to happy! The little one looks as if she really doesn't want to be there!
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    Humorous And Interesting Newspaper Stories

    oh for a tankard of best ?
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    St Thomas of Canterbury school Erdington, 1963

    My cousin Colin Murphy did
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    Covid vaccination process

    Do you have to wear it when you go on holiday?
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    Census 2021

    How are people in his situation, without daughters and sons who are able to help, meant to fulfil this legal requirement?
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    Census 2021

    We were sent a code for filling in on line. If we wanted a paper copy we would need to ring or go to the website!
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    Thank you for the photo. It brings back many happy memories. Carolann
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    I do hope so. I spent many happy hours in there when I was a student at the college in the late 60s
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    Mother and Baby home Moseley

    It is very unlikely that you will be able to undertake this research on your Mother's behalf. She will need to go through the children's services of the area that organised her adoption. It will include an interview with a designated social worker who will then try to locate her adoption papers...
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    Occupations - Disappeared

    I have vague memories of the knife grinder on his bike coming round to Rectory Rd in Sutton Coldfield when I was a child in the 1950s
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    Holidays at home and days out

    Yes They are now collectable art pieces. Many were commissioned from well known artists. They are lovely.