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  1. castalla

    Yardley Cemetery Map

    Thank you for that thats were i got the info in the first place
  2. castalla

    Yardley Cemetery Map

    Glad you had some success with Yardley Crem. I have found relatives(6 / 7 in total) in Brandwood Crem, you have to go through Kings Norton office to get info on plot ( i have dates of deaths ) as i live abroad (and not knowing when flights /travel) is going to be lifted my plan was is to get...
  3. castalla

    Union Street

    Thats correct up Union St right turn on to corporation st, i to lived in castle brom
  4. castalla

    Electoral roll

    Thank you for that
  5. castalla

    Electoral roll

    Looking through my Ancestry and found on the Electoral Roll next to my uncles name YS anybody know what this means the net years list has him down as S then his name , now he was in the Navy so away from home but dont know if this has anything to do with it
  6. castalla


    Remember the buses coming up there then turning right in to Corporation st back in the late 60´s used to catch 56 to castle brom
  7. castalla


    Remember this shop well, as a 14 year old had a Saturday Job in the Butchers behind Photographer Pitt the Butchers, also Played School football just up the road on playing fields behind Hodge Hill Juniors. thanks for the photo, must admit first i have recognised from your series so far keep...
  8. castalla

    Old style food still going strong

    Yes here in Spain very popular and i love it just like chicken
  9. castalla

    Old style food still going strong

    Cheese Ham Fried Egg on Toast (cheesy hammy eggy) Jum And the wife likes Weetabix not with milk on it but a cup of Tea instead
  10. castalla

    Fisher & Ludlows factory

    My dad worked there to and we lived in Millinghton, what number did you live at ¿
  11. castalla

    Hampden Street Balsall Heath

    Thank you for that just looked on Goole Maps and street does not seem to be there anymore
  12. castalla

    Hampden Street Balsall Heath

    Doing a bit of my genealogy and find a G/G/G Uncle and family lived at 35 Hampden Street Balsall Heath found a Hampden Retreat off Mary Street anybody know of a Hampden St or is it this Retreat thank you
  13. castalla

    Corner Shops

    That name Tom Bytheways rings a bell , from somewhere else but can´t think where ¿
  14. castalla

    Birmingham buses

    My mom tried to get tokens for me to go from St Wilfreds Hodge Hill to St Wilfred Martineau 3 buses 56 Castle Brom to Fox then the 11 then the 14 , but she could not get them as journey was not long enough as they calculated as the Crow flys, so had to go to Hodge Hill Comp, and to this day...
  15. castalla

    Bournville Employment Records

    Same here, there was a post somewhere that a member posted of who to contact, but can´t find it now, i have been looking and trying for about 4 years now to try and get my Grandparents and my Mothers records if they ever existed, if you find info please post