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  1. castalla

    Where did you live

    I also drove the 66 and based at Hockley and the city to Oxhill road route think it was the 76
  2. castalla

    DD Franklin

    Thank you all for your answers thought it was maybe a shop or similar.
  3. castalla

    DD Franklin

    Anybody got any info on DD Franklin Wigorn Road Bearwood, my Grandfather worked there as a French Polisher back in the 20's .Had a look on Google Maps but is all Houses now and no results of the said Company, thank you
  4. castalla


    My Grandad was in the West Riding Regiment and he was from Birmingham
  5. castalla

    The brookhill , alum rock

    This is my Uncle Tim Flynn, about 1961
  6. castalla

    The brookhill , alum rock

    Do you remember my uncle Tim (pierce) Flynn? Used to live over the road from Pub
  7. castalla

    Hodge Hill Girls Grammar School

    When did this school open, was Hodge Hill Mixed open first and anybody know when Thank you
  8. castalla

    Service Numbers

    Thank you will look now
  9. castalla

    Service Numbers

    Thank you for this
  10. castalla

    Service Numbers

    Denis Breakwell
  11. castalla

    Service Numbers

    My Grandfather in WW1 Served in the West Riding Regiment, his service number was 3/22898, would the 3 mean 3 Battalion as there were many Battalions trying to whittle down what Battalion and where he served as there is no other recorded info on him only he served in France and he had dental...
  12. castalla


    Wife just got her fathers service records from when he served in WW2 RAF, having some difficulty understanding abbreviations and Squadrons if anybody can help please Records show some of the things we don't understand sure we will be back for more help please 1942 AC2 /1 AIR CREWMAN 2 /...
  13. castalla

    Anybody Recognise this Uniform / Regiment etc please WW2

    Thought i would put on Army and RAF Threads as one or the other may not know the uniforms
  14. castalla

    Florance Flynn Nee Ward

    Thank you so much for this Alberta