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F. E. Baker Limited, Precision Works, King's Norton.


Master Barmmie
1923, 598 cc Beardmore Precision.
Manufacturer F. E. Baker Limited, Precision Works, King's Norton.

“Birmingham built but financed by a Glasgow shipbuilding firm, the Beardmore Precision broke new ground in many ways. The tank is integral with the frame.….From a start in 1910, F. E. Baker Ltd rapidly gained a reputation for the excellence of the proprietary engines which they sold, under the Precision trade mark, to the motorcycle and cyclecar industries. Indeed, they were so successful that they became a very serious rival to the JAP concern. Moreover, orders came flooding in to such an extent that the original factory in Newtown, Birmingham became much too small, and a new works was erected adjacent to the railway at King's Norton. That factory still stands, but the owners today are the world-famous Triplex Safety Glass Company.”

Classic British motorcycles of over 500cc from the National Motorcycle Museum by Currie, Bob (1988)

40A98AC6-859B-4507-924B-3531CBCD2E1C.jpegMuseum by Currie, Bob (1988)