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any of you ever go to the wrestling on pershore road, think it was selly park where the old british legeon was, bert royal / count bartelie in his mask / jim hussy, thats all i can recall



The buck stops here
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Quite a few places used to host the wrestling, Digbeth Civic Hall, Solihull Civic Hall and of course the good old Mackadown. :smitten:


master brummie
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They used to have wrestling matches at the old Erdington Market Hall on Barnabas Road
off the High Street. The posters would go up and crowds of people would go. This would be in the l950's I think. The fire brigade must have been very nervous because there
were far too many people squished in when the wrestlers came to Erdington. That market hall was not very big really. Wrestling has always been popular it seems and these days has a following of millions all over the world..

Colin B

gone but not forgotten
I went to a couple of wrestling matches at Cadbury,early 70's.
I think they were organised by 96th Birmingham Scouts Group (1st Grove),Kings Heath.My Mother used to help with this group,fund raising and tea making,my brother was a member ,but I joined the Army Cadet Force at Dawberry Fields Barracks instead,although that didn't last too long.



master brummie
And don't forget the old "Delicia" Gosta Green ,
that was another place that Wrestling was held
in the 40s, "Doug The Turk" was one of the contenders