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Worst car of the 1960's

Chunky AC

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My worst company car was a Lancia Gamma, 1980ish. Seats started fraying within days of delivery, starter ring came off flywheel.
I could go on fortunately I left the company for a different job.
My three best cars, for comfort, Citroën BX, Freelander commercial AUTOMATIC. and the current car Kia Niro, automatic.


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The Triumph Stag was a lovely looking car, but soon acquired a reputation for mechanical failures. I do recall overheating was quite common in Stag’s. Because the block was made from iron and the heads from aluminium, and you forgot the corrosion inhibitor in the coolant you were in deep trouble with and expensive repair.

Was it the Stag’s or the Jags that had problems with the roller link chains on the timing? I recall the chain would stretch?

I recall there were some quality issues with the engine parts too so people would swap engines for a Rover engine.

Eric Gibson

master brummie
The Stag engine was full of cooling problems but they were down to a failure to sort the set-up before marketing the car, too much of a hurry to get it on the market.
Enthusiast mechanics sorted the cooling and it became a fine engine but by then the reputation had gone down the toilet.

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Driving the electric car is just the same as an ordinary automatic but it's all torque. ;)
What it doesn't have is the engine braking you get with an ICE just a slight drag from the regenerator.
Caught me out with my first ever speeding ticket, where just 'lifting off' slows the car normally doesn't work so going from a forty limit to a thirty I was still at thirty six when the crafty cop's camera had me.
My Prius hybrid has engine braking as an option on the selector, it simply closes the valves which normally would be open with the engine off. I rarely use it except on really steep hills