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Worst car of the 1960's


Burbury Brummie
Interesting reading, I have just read the AOL motoring page on-line and it lists the ten worst cars of the 1960's. I would love to state that I knew each of the makes of car, but unfortunately I can only recall half of them?

Is there anyone that owned one of these problem cars???? :redface:

They are:

1) Simca 1000 (1965)
2) Humber Snipe (1967)
3) Vauhall Ventura (1968)
4) Hino Contessa (1966)
5) Peel Trident (1964)
6) Renault Dauphine (1965)
7) MGA Twin Cam (1960)
8) VW 411 (1968)
9) Saab Sonett II (1966)
10) Ford Tanus 12M (1962)


Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
While alongside in Portsmouth a Vauxhall Ventura was on loan from the transport depot, for the Captain of HMS Hampshre, I used to drive it and found no problems, mind you the other Vehicle we had was a Land Rover which stayed with the Hampshire on our travels :)


master brummie
I had a Renualt Dauphine, Lord knows why I bought that. all I can think is it must have been very cheap, know I didnt keep it long, about a week if I remember correctly, right load of rubbish.


Ancient Brummie
The person who compiled that list obviously never owned the first version of the Hillman Imp with it's useless automatic choke! :-;)


master brummie
Excuse my ignorance but I am definetely not a car buff. But I remember when a child my dad used to drive a Zodiac and a Zepher. It may have been a Zepher Zodiac. I used to sit up front inbetween mom and dad up front with my two brothers and sister on the back seat. Does anyone remember these cars?

George Wheeler

master brummie
The rear engined Simca 1000 was a terrible car, mine just rusted away. You also needed a couple of concrete blocks in the boot to keep the front end on the road, it would swing around in cross winds and was very unstable. It did however have a Porche gear box with syncromesh on first gear, not very common at that time


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Let's see: The Renault Dauphine ad which I remember to this day, very swish
"She gets full marks where ever she parks The Renault Dauphine" was the jingle in one of their TV ads and a good looking women in the drivers seat. Sorry to hear that you found it to be a pile of rubbish John 70. Looked ok in the ad.

The Zephyr Zodiac was the salesman's dream car. Jazzy Colours, chrome all over the place. There are a few of them at antique car shows here on the West Coast. Didn't they have bench seats?


We once owned a Simca Van well Michael was given it for some work he did. It leaked like a sieve. I once took a group of kids from our street to Twycross Zoo in it..........I shudder to think about it now! elf and safety. When we got to the entrance the guy couldn't be bothered to count the kids so we got in cheap!

the silver fox

master brummie
My uncle taught me to drive his Mk1 Consul when I was about 11 or 12 in around 1955 or 6. I actually drove his car on taxi jobs when I was 14! I later bought myself a MK2 Zodiac which was superb with its leather bench seats and column change gearbox, and its powerful 6 cylinder engine (2556 cc, I seem to recall).
Those were the days ......


master brummie
When i was a boy i use to like seeing the old zethyrs consuls & zodiacs . what I notice too was that West Indian men preffered them than we did :rolleyes:
maybe they looked more american`ish .:coolcheesy:

ragga ......:)


I think the worst cars,what my wife owend from brand new was ''The Hillman Imp''it was a bag of nails she did not keep it for long:)Mossy

Big Gee

master brummie
The Austin A40 was the worst car I ever had - a rot-box of ever there was one. The tail-gate fell off one night when we'd just got back from hols. Sound engine, rubbish body.

A friend of mine had an Alfa-Sud which I swear rusted away before your very eyes...

But the worst of the lot was the first Vauxhall Victor, circa 1957. What a disaster! My dad was polishing his one day when he just stuck his hand straight through the wing...

Big Gee