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Witton Square

Terry 9

proper brummie kid
My parents used that TSB branch in the photo and I spent many a night hanging around the Aston Hotel in the other picture and indeed Witton Circle itself. I also used those phone-box's lots of times!
I used the Aston Hotel as I was always in Witton, was born in Witton Road between the ICI gates and Holdford drive, also used the phone boxes to phone my girlfriend who lived in Colchester, later to become my wife, I live in Ireland now but always visit Witton when we come back, not the same as when I was a kid though.


The Prodigal Brummie
Witton Square mid 1970s. The bus is approaching Witton Road, towards Brookvale Road, The Aston Hotel pub can be seen behind the bus.



Staff member
nice photo BB..oh how i loved the old buses....brings back happy memories of playing dare devils by hanging onto the back hand rail when going round corners and jumping off before my stop :Despecially on the no 8 its still running down the old end (nursery road) and i often take a trip on it past villa st where i grew up...happy days indeed....ps even if i could i would not attempt that now lol



The Prodigal Brummie
Lyn, I always got a tremendous feeling of satisfaction making that leap and grabbing the bar of the bus as it was pulling away but I still remember how cold they were downstairs in those 'proper' winters of the 1960s!


Master Barmy
Not quite Witton Square, but close. I made a visit to my aunt who was born in Manor Road.

Does anyone remember a corner shop with a Mrs Spittle, and an air raid shelter in the small church at the junction with Station Road.

Are the any old pictures of Manor Road?


master brummie
The presence of a mechanic and driver suggests that the turntable ladder vehicle was on a road test and not attending a fire call. Quite a mess it made of the building it hit. I wonder how long it took to repair the damage and get the shop and accommodation open for business again?