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Witton Aston Manor Tram Depot


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oh wow pen thats great...how lovely to have a bit of erdington tram history..just the sort of thing i would have done given the chance lol

Yep - can see you on the bus with a tram rail slung over your shoulder Lyn. "Tickets please ..... afraid it'll be an extra 6d for the tram rail love" !!



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ha ha viv...you know me too well...i have quite a few old relics in my garden collected over the years..:rolleyes:


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On 4th. December, 1940 five 1911 built trams (car numbers 303, 307, 324, 360 and 390) were destroyed in an air raid on Witton tram depot. These trams were being held in reserve. Also extensively damaged were nine 1925 built trams (702, 703, 708, 711, 714. 718, 720, 723, 724 and 727) due to the collapse of the depot roof. None of these cars ever ran again and were scrapped in 1945. The depot remained part roofless until 1947.


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I have copied Old Mohawk's photo in another thread to here My post above (45) gives some detail and there is even more in the Peter Walker archive.
Cars 337 and 340 were built in 1911 lasting until 1950. Car 152 of 1906/7 was withdrawn sometime between 1939 and 1939.
I guess the Borough of Aston Manor Tramways Depot sign must now qualify as a 'ghost sign'.

Amended post as the previous comment about photo date was incorrect.

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Wonderful that three of these Leyland PS2's are preserved. One of them, after BCT use, was a regular sight in the Torquay area when a school owned it.
They were a pleasure to travel in, I often travelled in one from Kings Heath to Stirchley - 27 route.