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Wimbush Bakery


master brummie
This is rapidly becoming mental torture !!! Beginning to think I wish I hadn't found this site. Mike
Before I left school, I did a Saturday morning job at the Crown Steam Bakery in Golden Hillock Road, (owned by Wimbush's)
Malt loaves and Nutrex white loaves were baked there, but my job was to sweep out the whole bakery, top to bottom, and tidy up all the trolleys in the loading bay. My pay, in a proper brown pay packet, was 5 shillings, a princely sum to me in 1954!
During some of the school holidays I managed to coax Mr Jones the Foreman to let me work a few days, so I used to help grease all the baking tins, put the pre-cut and weighed dough into the tins and load the tins into the large steam heated ovens with their large draw-plates (steel plates about 1 inch thick and about 8ft x 6ft) which were drawn out of the ovens on wheels, but I was never allowed to get the very hot baked loaves off the draw-plates.


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I've been trying for some time to find info about Wimbush Bakery in Small heath.
In it's time it must have been one of the biggest bakeries in Brum but there doesn't seem to be anything at all on the web so I think my only hope of info is through former workers or their families,. Any info at all would be appreciated.
Hi Jerry
I have recently joined this forum and only just read your message
I was an Apprentice at Wimbush in Small Heath from 1976-1979 and then worked in quality control and new product development from 1979-1983 when I got transferred to Mothers Pride bakery in Garretts Green due to a round of redundancies .
As I former Apprentice I have many a tale to tell lol.
I have very fond memories of my time there.
If you are still wanting any info message me and I will be pleased to assist if I can.


master brummie
Wimbush at the junction of Bromsgrove Street and Hurst Street. Viv.

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An atmospheric photo to coin a phrase. Wimbush's is closed so presumably a Sunday, or did they close early on Saturday? Dating would be a guess and my guess is at the beginning of WW2. The street furniture looks freshly painted with white bands ad the tramcar (car 524 built 1912/13 and lasting to 1950/3) in pre 1946 livery, has a white fender but no headlamp masking.
Similarly the bus, appearing be be one of the FOF 1XX Daimlers, on the Warstock 24 route, still has its pre-war cream roof.
The Police Box, quite prominent on the corner, is something not seen in many pictures on BHF.


master brummie
Lardy cakes, bread pudding, chocolate eclairs and other delicacies, but very few of us became tubsters in those days.
I guess the difference was that we only ate them once a week, not daily.

Billy Wimbush

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Hi. Not sure if anyone out there remembers my father. He was a production manager there and lived and breathed Wimbush. His name was Matt King
I remember Matt very well I did the night trunk to M P Stourbridge and Champion Dudley.I used to fetch your dads Sun from Station Street on my way back to the bakery.I think that he did a week about with Tony Baker.A great man who was a Blues supporter as well happy days.


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Welcome Billy. I’m sure Kingy will be pleased to hear that about his father. Thanks for posting. Viv.


master brummie
Hi all I wonder if any one remembers Danny and Windsor Vaughan who worked at Wimbushs for many years they had the loudest motorbike ever and the police reckon they woke up Kingshurst every morning at 5 o'clock on the way to start their shift. Regards acklam19.


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I remember both Danny and Vaughan very well ,Danny had a motorbike with a sidecar, when i started at Wimbushes i was placed in the care of both of them and we had some great times.
Many years later I went to work at Land Rover and was put on the same track as Vaughan who was about to leave and to set up his own B&B in one of the seaside resort.
Definitely a very small world...


knowlegable brummie
My brother Billy worked for Wimbushs at Small Heath for many years, late 60s early 70s as a delivery driver, mostly night work, to get the product out there to shops so that when they opened their doors those lovely cakes were there for the public. I was about 16 and still at school and asked if there was any chance of earning a bit of dough (oops pun ) by helping out. It was Easter and the hot cross buns needed delivering. I think I started at 10 at night, immediately fell asleep once I was in the truck and only woke up when my brother had finished his deliveries ! Yes it was a one day job. My brother didnt think I was cut out to work nights. But oh all of their cakes were so good, I should know I tried them all as my brother often dropped some samples off for the family to taste.


master brummie
Hi postle thanks for the update, as you would know Danny would have you in stitches with his dry humour which even with his problems never seemed to leave him and Windsor I found was almost the opposite so a perfect foil.I grew up with them both in Arthur St Small Heath he lived in the next entry to mine his father I believe was a ex-Welsh miner hence the names.
regards Acklam19


knowlegable brummie
What a loss the Wimbush bakery is, their lard or dripping cake was a marvellous and came with a glazed top. I remember first getting them in the cake shop on the corner of George Road and Slade Road, Erdington. Opposite Donahue Builders.

We have been trying to make similar ones recently with a recipe i found on the Black Country Museum site. Not too good as yet!l

Are there any bakeries left in Birmingham?


master brummie
I don't suppose anyone would remember Harry Hakesley. He worked at Wimbushes for most of his working life. Lived in Wroxton Road, Yardley and on the 1939 register he is a Baker/Doughmixer although I remember him telling me that he used to deliver bread with a horse and cart. He died around 1978 ish