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Why not to rely on "The Cloud"


master brummie
I never use Clouds for back-ups. I back up very important data to a usb flash drive and back that up to a another flash drive. My family photos get backed up to an external usb hard drive and duplicated on the data partitions of my computers. I use an iPhone for photos so Apple back them up on the iCloud but a OneDrive app in the iPhone automatically moves them to Windows.

I like OneDrive because it simply looks like a normal drive on my Win 10 devices and I can drag files in an out with the mouse. I can also see them on my iPad/iPhone.

My ISP offers a free 1Tb Cloud which could store everything I've ever done but I can't be bothered with it.

I suppose the ultimate cloud-using device is a Chromebook ... :)


master brummie
I had a query from Microsoft this morning asking
'What did I think of OneDrive and would I recommend it to a friend' ...

I said I thought it was very useful and would recommend it to a friend ...

As mentioned in earlier posts I access it every day and am presently using 2.8Gb of the free 5Gb.

I do not regard it as secure but maybe the Personal Vault on it is ... :cool:


Super Moderator
Staff member
What a strange question for Microsoft to ask. As if I have conversations with my friends about the merits of windows 10 operating systems

Eric Gibson

master brummie
I got a message saying there was no more room in my Personal Vault, never even knew there was one, what had happened was I connected my dash cam to the computer and downloaded the contents to watch on screen, there were nineteen videos.
I didn't know they were going to this personal vault as well. :confused:


master brummie
Maybe Microsoft are thinking of having something like Chromebooks where the operating system is on their servers.

I was a bit surprised to see I have used 2.8Gb but it seems if there is space on a drive I will quickly fill it ... :rolleyes:


master brummie
Are you using it as your trash can, Phil? :)

Maurice :cool:
Genuine user Maurice ... although it could do with a clean-up. Plenty of stuff for MS to browse through although I don't think they do. I suppose I'm using it as a convenient network drive but it needs a fast connection.
It's free at the moment so I use it ... :grinning: