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What happened to Uncle Jim?

Eric Gibson

master brummie
My uncle Jim, James Biddle married to my dad's sister Ada Gibson, worked at Fort Dunlop, I recall an aunt tapping our front window and whispering to mom that he had died at work but I never thought any more about it until recently.
So was he killed in a works accident or a natural sudden death, any way of finding out without buying a death certificate or a sub to Ancestry etc.
I wondered if there might be a newspaper mention of it.

He died in 1947 as far as I can tell, at the time he might have been living in Barton's Bank or Victoria Road.


Ex-pat Brummie

The only mention in Birmingham newspapers between 1945 and 1950 is of a Walter James Biddle of Hartlesbury, Worcs. But there is no Birmingham Mail coverage for that period, just Post and Gazette.

Maurice :cool:


master brummie
Post 13 mentions that name.
There are a few threads mentioning Biddle, This is just one.


Staff member
hi eric if there are no newspaper reports of an accident at work most likely it was a sudden death...it would be no good subscribing to ancestry etc as you cant get death certs online....you would have to order one...at least if you did that you would know for certain..



master brummie
I presume this will be James Joseph BIDDLE, aged 49. 1946 - J Quarter Birmingham 6D, 40

You can get a .pdf copy of the Death Registration via the GRO site for £7