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Wartime Hospitals


proper brummie kid
My grandmother worked in a hospital in WW1. She had five children and a husband away in the war, so would that have been voluntary work or paid?
She lived in Smethwick or Erdington, so which hospital would have been most likely.
Are there records for these hospitals with the names of inmates and nurses?


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Welcome Zum:)

Go to the Top of the page and move down where you will find World War 1, click on it and there are plenty of letters and you might find something you are looking for:)

Colin B

gone but not forgotten
Hi Zumfan, welcome to the forum, as Alf suggests there is quite a large section on here regarding Birmingham war hospitals see


As well as the hospitals, you will see that many properties were taken over as temporary hospitals due to the large number of wounded returning to the UK, some of these were private residential houses and others were council owned buildings, such as schools, so there's quite a list.There are more listed on