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Victoria Square


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This image must be early 1900s (maybe someone can date). I like it because it shows both the early motor car and a hanson cab. Also, there’s an ice cream vendor. Looking at previous early images, there frequently seems to be an ice cream vendor on that spot or directly outside the Council House. Viv.



ell brown on Flickr
Glad you like them John. Victoria Square is back to normal again now that the German Christmas Market has closed again.


ell brown on Flickr
Some views of Victoria Square taken today from the Council House.

I was at the Birmingham We Are event.

Some protest this morning.

People's Forward flag.

New paving to the right from the Metro extension works.

Towards New Street.

Floozie still a flower bed.

Union Jack



ell brown on Flickr
Top of Christchurch Passage from Waterloo Street. Steps closed apart from access to Nando's Staff. But did see a man go down.