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Victoria Square


master brummie
Managed to pop to Victoria Square before I left town earlier this evening and took these shots of the Brum 130 film display.

Better view was from heading down the steps around the Floozie. At the top was a bit too close.

I think that's a Birmingham 2022 banner!

Safety with the West Midlands Police.

First decent view as I headed down the steps.

Floozie plant garden.

One more before I headed down Pinfold Street to catch my bus on Carrs Lane.

Great photos...……...ellbrown!


OldBrit in Exile
Is the Queen Vic statue still there also what happened tothe Golden boys43951769_1531749743591723_8447435230750441472_n.jpg This is where they were before I left in 195743951769_1531749743591723_8447435230750441472_n.jpg


master brummie
Is the Queen Vic statue still there also what happened to the Golden boys.
Queen Victoria statue is still in Victoria Square.

The Golden boys (who are now VERY golden) have been removed while the building work is going on but will be placed back in Centenary Square.

However the building BEHIND the Golden Boys in the photo above (Register Office where I got married) has been demolished.


ell brown on Flickr
Still in storage until 2020 as the spot they will go in is close to the Symphony Hall foyer refurbishment.

About a month ago the statue of HM Queen Victoria observed the buildings of the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market. And for the past month trams on a test past the Town Hall.

Pinfold Street on the day in November the BFCM opened.



ell brown on Flickr
Victoria Square on Boxing Day. A few days after the Frankfurt Christmas Market was dismantled again.

From Hill Street towards the new steps.

All new steps and paving here.

Up the new steps.

New bollards.

New steps around the Queen Victoria statue.

Towards Town Hall Tram Stop on Paradise Street.

Towards New Street.



Ex-pat Brummie
Thanks for the photos, Ell. I must admit that having been away from Brum for a few years, I have to spend a few minutes trying to work out the position from which you took each picture. I really do miss Galloway's corner - that made it a lot easier. Also glad to see that they have included black edge markers to those steps - very helpful in judging the height of the steps when your eyesight is not as good as it once was.

Maurice :cool:

A Sparks

master brummie
No, that was 8 years ago, it's not back yet. The tram line goes through where it used to be. Still in storage.
Ah thanks, I had an idea that was the case.
I do hope it comes back - have to make a complaint to Anthony Gormley if it doesn't!