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Tyn y Coed Convalescent Home


master brummie
I know my great great grandfather John Price Litherland was in the Tyn y Coed convalescent home in Wales when the 1901 census was taken. Does anyone know if it would be possible to find out the nature and duration of his stay? Are archives of residents kept?



gone but not forgotten
Tyn-y Coed in LLandudno, was the first convalescent home of the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund (BHSF), although the home has closed the BHSF still continues today, not sure how much information you may be able to get from them, but it may be worth contacting them.



knowlegable brummie
Hi - I'm also looking for information on Tyn-y-Coed. My great-grandfather was there in 1908 - possibly with TB? - and I have a similar postcard to the one above, that he sent to his fiancee. I was just wondering if Craig had managed to find anything out?


gone but not forgotten
hi malcenny
please for give me for butting in on this one but correctly i will stand if i have got it wrong
but breifly to me i think you can find out about this place on the internet and if i have not got it confused with another place my great grand father
george william jelf was head of this convelessant or the founder of that resort
its either the named place you tap in or his name and you will learn more about it the converslessant
i will try and do a quick research myself as he was the top man of the unions in those days i dont really want to go on about him of whom and what he stood for
but i am sure its the home you mentioned
best wishes astonion


master brummie
Hello everyone. i have not been on site for a year but some how I found this discusion. The name rang a bell. Tyn-y-Coed. being involved with my families history 'tree', i recalled that my dad had stayed in a large 'house' in wales when i was a kid just after ww2. Then i found the photograph--a group shot ( including my dad) taken in front of the main entrance, everyone smartly dressed-( all male of course). with the name -Tyn-y-Coed stamped on the top. I've just clicked on the link provided, and read up the whole history--excellent. What publicly minded philanthropists those guys were, the beginnings of the welfare state in fact. Well thats a bit more for my family archive--thanks. Just one small prob, i can't get the adobe printer to issue selected print pages , its all random. never mind. golightly.

Maria Magenta

master brummie
High Pastures.jpg

Was this, High Pastures Convalescent Home, Deganwy, one of the BHSF places?
A great-aunt was there in the late 1940s, and this post card was among her things. Somewhere there's a photo of the staff as well. The place is now a residential home for 'the elderly.'
I'll look at the company history.



gone but not forgotten
Hi maria
Just picked up on your thread about convalesenting in wales the place is you are on bout is tynycoed
Was the first home ever made and the founder member and head of that place was my uncle and my grand fathers son George held
Whom sadly died about 12 months ago aged 99 years old and just two weeks away from is 100 the birthday
There is a lot to be said about him good and bad by people whom remember him
If you tapp into George held on Google you would be amazed what you read about him
Not just about the convalesce ts home but a lot more on him what he stood for and also what he done for certain people in brum
You can get is life story on there and the history of convakences and a picture of him in his younger days
Press cutting and from my other cousin Jane whom furbished the extract of him and his life some years ago I put an input as well
You will get the whole Hogg of him from hopis early days on how and Stevenson set up the book shop in mosekly village in the very early days
And how they got involved within the council of yesteryears
He comes from a line of the coffee kings of Birmingham but sadly georgebroke away and went to Canada and came back as a commieyou may not know the line of generations of the blood line of the jelfs but they was of making in Birmingham from the pure war years up until about the fifty
They was of the society people ivy and George was the last remainders of the held empire to survive
George did start off in engineering in his young days a tool maker and went through the ranks to power house
Well I will not bore you further on this but I felt I had to impose in your thread as I am proud of another held doing good in this country
We have one remaking held whom is of age and he his a big noise in oxford council in London he started is life at the king Edwards school in Birmingham
He is getting on now I have s
Token to him by phone and he his intrestrd in joint this forum best wishes astonian,,,,name Raymond held of oxford counciill