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Tyburn Road Bus Works


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My father Bill Harris worked at all the garages as a maintenance plumber, joined when he came out of the army in 1946 ish. Retired around 1980. I attended xmas parties at Perry Barr and summer parties at the Stadium. Spent many an evening in the club at the Stadium and a club just off Spring Hill ( can't remember the name).


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Dave Cornfield is attending and now works out of headquarters, Dick Fulham left in 1986, Dennis Gillman went on to be a worker director and left 1995ish....I have heard of some of the others but do not know what happened to them.....myself started 1985 and still going ,now at Wolverhampton, via Walsall, Summer Lane, Perry Barr, Hockley....
A few other names have come out of the brain fog , bodyshop Terry Norris, Ian Lockiyer, Micky Hughes, Jim the welder, Hari Gill electrics , Jim Farhquarson fitter,

aston lad

master brummie
A few other names have come out of the brain fog , bodyshop Terry Norris, Ian Lockiyer, Micky Hughes, Jim the welder, Hari Gill electrics , Jim Farhquarson fitter,

Sorry I don't recognise any of those names....in 1986 quite a few workers took their redundancy after Walsall and Coventry works closed with some of their staff being transferred to Tyburn Road, I wasn't there long enough to know many of the Tyburn road people ...


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Photos in posts#1 and #2 are replacements. These were the original comments by JKC alongside those photos

Body Shop where the buses on the left are waiting to be stripped of all its panels, and then fitted with new.....

This area was the unit shop, were new engines/geraboxies/axles were fitted

As you can see this bus is missing nearly everything....it would have be almost rebulit again with all new parts...making it like a new bus...doesn't happen anymore

Not only did the works rebuild the buses, it also built all the major units as well, engines, gearboxies, axles, etc
Ronnie Parkes was the senior foreman over the bodyshop.


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well done froth...worth the 6 year wait...congratulations to you for your involvement in saving this massive birmingham coat of arms:):)



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Great to see it in a 'pride of place' at Wythall. Full marks to those who worked to achieve it.
I hope I may get to see it sometime.


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All for saving these carved stone pieces. And we've seen through looking at ghost signs on another thread there are still many of them around. One reason why we need to be vigilant - as per Horsencart's pointer in post #287. We must keep tuned into developments, especially where demolitions are planned.

The Tyburn Road Forward is a lovely carving. Well done to all. Viv.


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A job well done Chris, I used to see it everyday when I lived in Birches Green, So pleased you saved it.


master brummie
I stand corrected :oops:

Not at all Frothy, I didn't know myself till I asked (why you weren't there). It seems that the initial idea of a CoA themed event was considered better as an official visit to the whole museum, as there are many other artefacts (buses and other ephemera) also formerly belonging to the Corporation on display.


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Hi Gang,
Here is a reminder for you and possible memories for you all the work shop tyburn road 1933
best wishes to you all ,, Alan,, Astonian,,,,


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And of course the present administration care a lot about the city's history don't they ??!!