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Tyburn Road Bus Works


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Just a few photo's of the works taken sometime between 1987 and 1988......


  • tyburn rd works.jpg
    tyburn rd works.jpg
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  • tyburn rd works2.jpg
    tyburn rd works2.jpg
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    tyburn rd works3.jpg
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And four more


  • tyburn rd works5.jpg
    tyburn rd works5.jpg
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  • tyburn rd works6.jpg
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  • tyburn rd works7.jpg
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  • Tyburn Works 1958-59.jpg
    Tyburn Works 1958-59.jpg
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Photos in posts#1 and #2 are replacements. These were the original comments by JKC alongside those photos

Body Shop where the buses on the left are waiting to be stripped of all its panels, and then fitted with new.....

This area was the unit shop, were new engines/geraboxies/axles were fitted

As you can see this bus is missing nearly everything....it would have be almost rebulit again with all new parts...making it like a new bus...doesn't happen anymore

Not only did the works rebuild the buses, it also built all the major units as well, engines, gearboxies, axles, etc
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What a wonderful industrial past we have. We say that quite often here don't we. :)

Great photo's John, surely archive material.


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John wonderful I worked there 1958-61 As Mecanic , shunter and tacking the Buses back to Garages every evening, Happy Days any names you remember :)


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Hi Alf....I knew you worked there from a posting I read somewhere last night....I did try to send you a P.M but your box is full, so I though I would find the photo's out and post them.....I am glad that you and Di like them....

I started Tyburn in 1985, 22 years later I am still with Travel, but for my sins I am based at Wolverhampton....working from 6 in the evening until 02.00 am.....

The only old names I can think of would be.......Jimmy Banks, Denis Gilman, Brian Hanies.....I cannot think of too many, I moved out about 1991ish to Walsall, Tyburn closed about 1993, transfered to Walsall, then closed completely in 95, with some section being transfered to other garages, including Adderley Street, and all the trim to Miller Street......Adderley Street is now gone also....Miller street next....the word is that Miller street is going to be pulled down, then a new workshop will be built, and Perry Barr fleet being relocated there and Perry Barr being sold off......its only a rumour at the moment....but we do know that we have brought Miller Street itself not just the garage but all the land....we are trying to relocate the firm at the top of Miller Street and Newton Row some where else....Of all the Birmingham Bus Garages you must have visited only Perry Barr, Liverpool Street (Birmingham Central), Lea Hall, Accoks Green and Yardley Wood are still in use, the rest have gone.......outside of Brum...Covenrty, Westbrom. Merry Hill (new garage 1999) Walsall and Wolverhampton, the midlands must have losted 30 plus garages over the last 25 years........and the chances of either Yardley Wood or Acocks Green going in the near future is quite high....the plan in the early 1990s was to have 5 super garages, it looks like that is still the plan....my garage has 232 buses was or still could be the largest public transport garage in the country if not Europe...I was told the world....but ....all I know its hard work trying to get 204 of them out everyday apart from Sunday to meet service requirements........John


Brilliant pictures! My husband was a bus driver back in the 60's I think it was the 56. He loves to tell the story of how he took a bus out with no seats upstairs. He couln't understand when he got to the first stop why eveyone was comming back down stairs. Apparently not his fault i'm not so sure! te he.

The Baron

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Alf, your reply 7. Did you know a Ray Wallpole he did his apprenticeship in the body shop at Tyburn Road in the 50s, such a great pal of mine, lost touch in the 60s when he moved up to Cumbria, We both played ICE HOCKEY WITH THE BIRMINGHAM BARONS at SPRINGHILL.
He opened his own body & paint work shop in the alley off Orphanage Rd Erdington,(were Colliers are today) had some great times doing Saturday work for him just to help out. O0


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Miller Street at the moment is where West Midlands Travel keep their reserve fleet......what this means is sometimes when a garage cannot meet its full service because some of their buses have broken down or whatever, they can if needed use a spare bus or two from this reserve...
Not all the vehicles at Miller Street are used for this purpose.....some of them will be broken down for their parts....body bits, glass, mechanical parts...can and will be used to keep other buses in the company on the road....others that fall in between the two are sold off to anybody that can afford one....with certain terms attached.....like you cannot use them on local routes to WMT.....

Dave P

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I remember these works very well. In the mid 70's I worked for Serck collecting radiators for repair and used to go into Tyburn Rd stores twice a day Monday to Friday. Then Liverpool St became the main service/repair centre in the early 80's. Fleetline and Metrobus rads were heavy.

I also used to deliver number plates to MCW and, as my dad worked in the stores, used to walk around the workshops watching buses being built. Anyone remember seeing just the bus chassis being driven from Washwood Heath by well wrapped up drivers (to London I believe) - not a nice job!!

Brookfields Lad

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Electrical Shop

I worked at Tyburn Road 1975/76 in the electrical overhaul shop.

Some days I was on the bench repairing buzzers, bells, switches, alternators or starter motors. Other days I'd be rewiring buses.

Dread to think of the running costs of Tyburn Works.


Brummie dude
re buses

Hello dave p.nice one,yer i remember the chassis only.the drivers in biggles hats and goggles:D pete


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Guess what, Tyburn road garage is going to be empty again, Palletline, the company that owns it now are moving out. Hope the place don't get knocked down or something silly like that.:cry:


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Its the wrong age Froth they don't care enough now a days, sad to say.:(


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Nice shot Alf ...... that leyland looks emaculate ... ready to be sent
back to Roseberry st or Hockley .
ragga :)