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Tram routes 1912


Brummie babby
The Coroporation took over all the tram routes and had a monopoly with the City by January 1912. Does anyone have details of the the route network in 1912?


master brummie
There does not seem to be an map, on-line, of 1912 or thereabouts, only a later one which shows not only Birmingham but the Black Country routes. It is recent on here and probably in the Tram thread. There are maps, giving details you ask about, but they are in books about Birmingham's trans and buses. A library might be a help?


knowlegable brummie
I don't know of any route maps that early but the best book is likely to be the Birmingham Corporation Tramways published in 1982 by the TPC and by Terry Barker, John Stanford and Terry Mayou, as I recall it as being very detailed.

Peter Gould gives quite a succinct account of the complexities of the BCT network's development here;
Peter Gould BCT
The Wikipedia entry is a bit suspect in places such as its assertion that 'several tram routes were converted to trolleybus routes' but it doesn't mention the fact that BCT were reluctant to use them, that the Coventry Road routes were the only group that were converted as such before the diesel bus became the favoured vehicle and yet omits to mention the pioneer conversion, of the 7 Nechells route, that was also the first to go! I haven't edited it as usually someone mysteriously edits it back or leaves sarky comments on the edit page!
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master brummie
Route maps for trams and trolleybuses are in David Harvey's books. Available from booksellers and other outlets and presumably larger libraries.