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Traction Engines in Newhall Street


master brummie
There was a time when the Science Museum at Newhall Street had traction engines outside as a rally each year. A wide variety of engines attended and was once an important feature in the rally calendar.

These were the days when the former Elkington Factory facade was visible alongside various other buildings now gone.



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what a fantastic photo heartland...never to be seen again:(

thanks for the heads up on soho house mike...if im not doing anything that day i may go to that one



master brummie
These gatherings had a wide range of traction engines and steam powered vehicles.

This image shows a Sentinel Timber tractor. It is also of interest to see British made cars in the background in these views.


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The Foden steam lorry (top picture) was one I have ridden on way back in the 60’s

I recall it belonged to an old chap who had restored it. He had a second Foden steam lorry as well. I think one was donated to the Birmingham museum, and is/was on show


master brummie
The Newhall Street event happened in May and in later years these traction engines would complete a circuit through the local streets.

In May 1980, here is Matilda passing THE SHAKESPEARE and turning into Summer Row.179.jpg