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Three Score and Ten


Colin Richards

Three Score and Ten

What will you do with your three score and ten?
Will you labour continually for other men?
Outstanding achievements might there be many
If fact and indeed will there hardly any.

Oh what will you do with, your three score and ten?

Might you despair or shed tears
Or rise above all to display your fears
Will your freedom or resolve really be tested?
Maybe you’ll be careful with cash safe invested

Oh what will you do with, your three score and ten?

Will conflict or battle become part of your life?
Or settle for slippers and children as well as a wife
Expect all of above to happen to you
For none of us know what really comes true

During those years we call, our three score and ten

My Three Score and Ten

Born in a war of world wide capacity
Fought by others with awful ferocity
Begging for candy from soldiers going by
Not knowing or caring which ones would die

That was the start of, my three score and ten

The sounds of sirens that feeling of dread
And droning of bombers way overhead
Those nerve shattering guns sending shell to the sky
And me just to young to really know why

That was a part of, my three score and ten

Then came the time that I partied and cheered
And the soldiers came home to all be revered
Those shattered by war and those they had lost
As victors we never really counted the cost

Another small piece of, my three score and ten

Slowly but inevitably developed to manhood
Asserting and assuming knew all I could
Being a soldier yet while still just a boy
And taught so many ways a man can destroy

As I move on through, my three score and ten

Lost and alone through insane decisions taken
And innocence died and ones mind left shaken
Buried and hidden deep in a psychic black hole
Emerging many years later devastating a soul

Acceptance a slice of, my three score and ten

Marriage and children and a comfortable life
Or so I would think as I made love to my wife
Unaware of secrets hidden deep in the mind
Apprehensive to look frightened to find

Uneasy years from, my three score and ten

To smother innate fears came lust and depravity
Unconscious of all accept that selfish severity
I whored and made love to other men’s wives.
Callous and indifferent about destroying lives.

More guilt to add to, my three score and ten.

Yet for all that is bad there is also some good
Loving ones children like a true father should
For they light up my life and help hide the shame
And never should they ever shoulder the blame.

My measure of good from my three score and ten.

And as time draws closer to my hold on life
My one true love is as always Elaine my wife
Through those times some good and some bad
She never once failed this cold callus cad

Not much left of, my three score and ten

Unfilled dreams and regrets now discarded
A born again human hopefully regarded.
To write and to tell those still undecided
That their lives should be for full living
And experience that wonderful feeling of giving

With hope I will get, my three score and ten

Robert Harrison


All of us have our darker side of our lives which we wish we could forget.
True repentance is the only way to ease the pain we often suffer.
Then let us get on with our lives and not repeat the past.


Colin, what a wonderful journey you have taken us through with this poem. Don't be too hard on yourself, mate, we all have done things we wish we hadn't. Who you are now is what matters - we've all learnt a lot on our way through life and mostly the hard way. :)


master brummie
This is another poem that seems to have escaped me when it was first posted.

A very honest account - some powerful words


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:angel: I think one reason could be the new lay-out of the forum that is making these poems (that I to have missed) more accessible.
Also another reason could be the new members surfing through the past posts.
Thanx anyway cuz I'm really enjoying reading them.


master brummie
Just read this poem. It held me to read through it all and I have to say I liked it a lot. Very well done.