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Thought I would show you these


master brummie
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First 2 of a Peoney I brought from wilkinsons a couple of years ago, the others are of the Clematis that I grew tired of a few years ago and threw it at the back of the Xmas tree were I tend to throw the rubbish.
As you can see it has grown up and through the tree it looks great, only thing is my neighbour at the back gets the best view as most of the flowers are on her side facing the sun


master brummie
I'll take one of the left side there isn't much on the other side yet till the beans grow up, you dont want to see a pic of a fence. Only a very small garden but perfectly formed just like the BRA WIMMEM


master brummie
Nice Peony Patty a little different to ours which aren't out yet but you have the same clematis. :) Mo

The Baron

master brummie
If you guys like flowers how about going to one of the well dressings in derbyshire this year all the fun of ENGLISH VILLAGE LIFE.
Some of my pics last year.