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This lady

Eric Gibson

master brummie
is going to be 100 years old shortly.

I've been invited to a tea party to celebrate the event, the photo was attached to the invite, it's only 3"x2" and quite dark, I thought it would be nice to fix it up and colour it if possible and hand it to her, any volunteers?

The uniform is RAF I think.

She's wrinkled and stooped now but looks to have been a fine lady in her younger days.
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Its always hard to do much with a small low res image. I have enlarged it and gave it a bit of a life contract wise. Some of the other members are much better at colourizing images than me, my colour vison is quite poor, but at least they have a better base to work from.


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    Lena (2).jpg
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I am looking forward to a party for an Italian lady, a proud Roman, who I visit with communion every week. She will be 100 in February next year. I have known her for at least fifty years. Her mind is very active and she keeps herself very smartly dressed even though she is in a nursing home. He late husband, a radio Ham I knew, was a British Army officer. They met in Sicily during WW2. They were posted to Germany and also Norway when she was invited and complimented over her lovely jet black hair by King Haakon 7 when they attended a banquet. She has great memories.


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I had a go on the original but not entirely satisfactory because the resolution was a bit low. It might print ok at the original 3"x 2" size.
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ps edit. I scaled up to A4 print size in my photo editor and it produced a very acceptable print.
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Eric Gibson

master brummie
Thanks for your efforts chaps, much better than I could have done.
I have a programme on my computer that's supposed to be capable of enlarging photos up to poster size without soiling the content, I'll give it a try later, not used it before though.

Eric Gibson

master brummie
Once again thanks for your efforts, I enlarged the photo to A4 size, printed it, got a nice frame from a charity shop and it came out very nice.
Passed it to the lady today and her son came round within ten minutes to say how thrilled she was to get it.