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Then & Now

John Young

master brummie
Re: It worked!

Jerry ,,Great Picture buddy O0

My Marilyn sends you a big :smitten:,,Thats where her Mom & Dad were brought up around there :-*

Errmh ,,me being an Aston laddo, I won,t kiss ya,,Just owe you a Pint,,cheers M8 :angel: John


Re: It worked!

This is the same scene 90 years later, see if you can spot the changes, there aren't many ;)
I downloaded these from the Virtual Brum site a few years ago


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master brummie
I wonder if the cretins whose decision it was to desicrate our city, were pleased with what they did. WHY

I know - I'm a grumpy old whatsit..........

The shop blinds that I remember so well, were always a place to shelter when you dodged a rain shower.

Thanks for the photo's Jerry. Isn't it great to have the Album section back again. Thanks to Rod - and Keith?


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Its a week of 1st Rod you did by yourself

I did My first Photo up load

Well done to us all now lets see those pictures flow :D :D


master brummie
Jerry. Just come across those two photos from 1910 and 2000 of Coventry Road. Absolutely fantastic. This is the stuff that really makes this site a must. Thanks for putting them up.