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The ring and ride.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Alf another time this same driver picked mom up from a family party and they made him a doggy bag up. I still see him driving past so he has been with them for years. Jean.

Getting Older

knowlegable brummie
The Birmingham ring and ride is a charity yes, but it does not use volunteer staff they are all proffessionals, The recent cuts will affect the company as the main contributer of cash is Centro
and they are cutting back 15% this year I copied following text from Centro website
As a Council Tax payer, some of your contributions go towards funding the work that Centro carries out. Centro is also able to raise revenue from the Government, as well as the European Community through various grants and also receives income from the private sector.

That shows were Centro get the cash they give the Ring and ride. The cuts may affect service.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Bad news all round this last two days.

Our ring and ride have had to put the prices my driver Paul told me that the part funding will stop from the council if they can't put up their prices.

So mine has now more than doubled from £6.40 last week to £12.45 this week.

Today. my Son has a discount Bus train ticket run by the same council call Explorer its mainly for teenagers and that will now stop altogether on the 31st March.

Why are councils picking on the elderly & the young all of a sudden and still not looking at the sky high salaries of the councillors. More to the point why isn't the government doing something about it.


Cradley Heathen
My mother-in-law uses the service. There is talk of a charge of 60p to £1 per journey.

She loves her trips out and has made many friends who use this service. The drivers collect her from the door and on the way back make sure she and her shopping are safely inside the house.

It's worth £2 to have the shopping carried


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Ours is 58p per mile from 30p. Still worth it as I don't drive now. I'm not complaining about the rise just the people it effects the elderly.

Getting Older

knowlegable brummie
60p per journey for pass holders from 1st of April 2011, thats £1-20 there and back. Its a shame they have to start charging, but for many people this service is a lifeline.
it seems the majority of passengers when questioned prefered the payment to a reduction in service. I have just had my council rates bill "Community charge" and it has not gone up a lot on last year.