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The Morris Adderley Park


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Hi All

I've read with great interest all the individual accounts of people who worked at The Morris in Adderley Park. I am an enthusiast of the Morris Minor van which I know was built there from about 1962 to 1971. I was a mechanic at Caffyns Ltd and as a dealer for BL we drove many vans and commercials made at The Morris. I am currently restoring a Caffyns Minor van and wondered if anyone has any info on how the assembly line worked? Am I right in assuming the bodies were built, trimmed and painted at NMP prior to the assembly line or was the body built at Adderley Park. I would also like to know how the assembly line knew which parts /specification to put together each van. Was there a build sheet for each one and does anyone still have copy of one of these? In the Minor LCV club we are also interested in smaller details like when the engines changed to black from green, was the steering lock introduced on a certain chassis number or was it customer preference for some time, and when the chassis plate was affixed and recorded. We've also notice the engine numbers do not follow body or chassis number sequence so we're these randomly allocated from a ready stock of engines? Any info or photos of production of this iconic van would be much appreciated . Regards Kevin