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The Gun Gallery In Frederick Street. Hockley.


master brummie
Hi all, as a kid from Hockley in the fifties, I used to love going to see this wonderfull collection of guns at what we called the Gun Gallery in I believe Frederick Street Hockley, what happened to this place? I no longer live in Birmingham but would really like to know whether it exists elswere, I believe a lot of the weapons were on permanent loan to the Gallery. Regards Eddyjay.


Staff member
hi eddie i have never heard of the gun gallery i walked up and down frederick st the other week cant say as i noticed it but i could have missed it.....maybe some of our members can advise on it



gone but not forgotten
Hi Eddie
Here is a good photograph of the worlds famous W,W greener,s gun makers on st Marys Row in the
early 1900.s Thanks to Greeners.s the photographer is looking down loveday street and,out of view, the general hospital
is across from the works,
Instead they made there base close to the old tower in Lancaster street, in what became the gun quarter,
It is now cut through by st chad,s queens way and sadly is but a shadow of its self,in its hey day,
But for most of the 19th annd twentieth centuries, the gun quarter included
Whittal street, price street, loveday street, princip street. st marys row. weaman street and slaaney street
It was never up nor a long fredrick street to my knowkedge as a local kid living in ladywood even ventureing around there area of that neck of the woods and knowing ladywod and that particular are and i have wittnessed the whole area of the city slum clearence and remoderising I have enclosed and down loaded a photograpgh of the original and famous gun makers W,W GREENERS THE WORLDS FAMOUS GUN MAKERS FOR YOU AND ANYBODY ELSE WHOM MAY HAVE INTREST IN THE GUN INDUSTRY HAVE A GOOD DAY BEST
Wishes Aan , Astonian;;;