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The Dog and Partridge Nechells

Discussion in 'Pubs' started by angie, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. angie

    angie Guest

    Does anyone know the history of the Dog and Partridge,i lived there when i was aged 6 untill the age of 16.
    I would like to know when it was built,who was the first landlord,also there was talk of the pub being a courthouse in years gone by. :angel:
  2. Kandor

    Kandor Guest

    All I know is me and my mate Phil Green drank in there for several years...
  3. angie

    angie Guest

    I more than likely served you. Dads name is Keith :-\
  4. Kandor

    Kandor Guest

    I wondered why it took so long to get a pint..hmmm Angie..I'm 53 and I stopped drinking there aged about 23..would you still have been able to serve me?
  5. angie

    angie Guest

    My dad used to let me serve pints when i was six,i'm 21 next birthday :-\ :-\ i wish
  6. Kandor

    Kandor Guest

    I've seen your pic..you must have had a big paper round...
  7. angie

    angie Guest

    Just wearing well m8,not a pretty site first thing mind!! :crazy2:
  8. Kandor

    Kandor Guest

    I'll let everyone know on Monday then...(wink)
  9. dog and partridge pub

    hi has anyone got a photo of the dog and partridge pub nechells new or old or even better both lol:)
  10. Phil

    Phil Retired Layabout

    Here you are Elvis, an old one at least.


  11. dog and partridge

    cheers pmc1947 great photo many thanks :)
  12. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    Dog And Partidge

    Hi There Elvis ,and Pmc
    First Of All Is The Building Still There,
    It Was A Nice Looking Boozer ,been There For Years ,
    I Used It Once Or Twice In My Life
    That Last Time I Recall It ,
    It Was Sold Off By The Brewery,and It Was Bought By
    Susan, And Liam Occonor, Whom Owns Quite Afew Around Brum Now ,
    This Was Afew Years Ago Now When She Had It ,
    They Buy All The Run Down Pubs Around Brum ,
    Have A Nice Day , Best Wishes Astonian ,;
  13. gingerjon

    gingerjon master brummie

    Dog and Partridge

    looking through all our directories I traced the Dog and Partridge back as far 1839 the owner then being E Peters over the years the address of the pub was either 52 Ashtead Row or 186 Windsor Street one year it was 129 the last owner in the directories was Alfred Good man 1950 after than it just mentioned the Dog and Partridge and not the publican it was still there in 1974 our last directory.
  14. Phil

    Phil Retired Layabout

    Andrew Maxam in his book "Time Gentlemen Please" based on the Mitchells & Butlers Archives describes the Dog & Partridge thus,

    Dog & Partridge 51/52 Ashted Row & 128 Windsor St. The pub is still there but Ashted Row is now the dual carriageway Nechells Parkway. The pub still bears the Ashted Row street sign. One of the area’s oldest pubs dating from the late 1700’s.

  15. dog and partridge

    hi i really dont know much about the dog and partridge only that i used to drink in there from 1990s to 1998 and the only thing i know is it wasnt till 1994 that they eventually moved the toilets inside the pub you used to have to go outside the front of the pub and down a little alley to get to the toilets very cold in the winter lol
  16. Astoness

    Astoness TRUE BRUMMIE MODERATOR Staff Member

    hi all..heres another pic of dog and partridge...


    pic courtesy of carl chinn birm lives...

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