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The Admirable Admiral

John Young

master brummie
" I am, I am thinking, therefore I am extant",
that exhorted thought projected as a voice
yet having no voice it will just have to suffice
as too busy now being cognisant.

This racing inner space nearing ninth instar
mere parsecs beyond the Ice so shudder, shiver
sensing locate, vacate, throw off, deliver,
pulse push squeeze, rest ease, time not far.

Darks and Lights, colds and warms, dry's and wets
endured, enjoyed my genetics a billion years,
feeling fuller, fitter, growing stronger no fears
now warmest ever, wait is over, swollen growth ejects.

Caressed in warm air, drying dripped macomium,
zipping tongue tasting scented buddleias
Ladies awaiting sending pheromone messages,
Their Red Admirable flutters over fulfilling life's harmonium.
John Y