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'Terms' children use


master brummie
My youngest son who is now knocking on 18, will eat anything under the son..........................'cept for 'Slippery Meat'

This is a term hes used virtually since he began to talk and its stuck with him.

'Are you in for dinner' I'll enquire

'What we got' he'll respond

The final response will usually be 'Great, Yes please.............but dont put me any slippery meat'

I was reminded of this quirtk today as I prepared this evenings meal - neck of lamb casserole. Its the only slippery meat he'll eat...........


Meat with fat on.


My lad was about 7 when we went into the shop one day and I asked for turkey breast. He looked horrified and when we came out he said "mom - you can't use that word" . To this day the family still call it turkey bosom.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
My eldest Son now 23.
When passing a local Church with an Illuminated Cross asked is that Gods aerial Dad, he was 4 at the time :)


master brummie
My wife wrote a note, as an aide memoire, for my young daughter to take to the green grocers

She wrote "2lb old potatoes"

It was reported back that she walked into the shop and asked for "21 bold pototoes".

It is the way you grow them, I'm told - the kids I mean.


gone but not forgotten
From an infant my eldest daughter used what she called a renetta for pond dipping. As happens in families, this became the accepted word for a net on the end of a bamboo cane.

A few months before she got married she walked into our house with her husband-to-be giving out about how ignorant he was because he reckoned there was no such word - she was, at the time, and still is a primary school teacher! :D


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:angel: We've had words such as Helichopper, Inspectigate, A lawning the Grass machine, a Grandchild called Doughy (Zoe refering to herself) and a Grandmother called Niss (Christine) all added to the Pounder vocabuiary and all still being used.

Chris :angel:


For years my brother Alan and me fought my dad for the Scab..........  What's Scab? It's the top of a rice pudding when it comes out of the oven  :eek: I still call it Scab, and I still love it!!


Chris, my neice when a toddler used to call me and my girlfriends, teenagers at the time, Doughy. I wonder where it comes from?


Guesses (clean ones ) as to what were "Gibbits" and "Dittits" used by our 2 sons ( quite a few years ago)


master brummie
childrens sayings

The family were discussing the then, recent moon landing, 1969. My brother was trying to explain, how the moons gravity helped with the Craft landing, my son, who at the time was 7, piped up( i know what gravity is) i said no you do'nt, but he insisted. When asked to explain, he told us ( it's the stuff that drags you down when you jump up in the air.). nuff said. Jackie


knows nowt
My youngest son, when a little 'un:

"I'm cold, please can you turn the radiogater up?" (radiator)
"Ooh look, I've got a sock bin" (where the sun tan on his legs finished) i.e. where his sock had been.
"I've changed my mind up."
All made perfect sense to us.


Long Break

Its been an age since the girls stayed..........

My wife is a cleaner at a local school. The youngest of the two girls Rachel informed me that Nanny uses a sponge to clean the school. She doesnt use any other materials or equipment, just a dry sponge. The Mind Boggles lolol

How Ive Missed Them.;)


I dressed my three year old granddaughter up in her fairy dress she complained that she didn't have a wand so I sorted one out. She promptly shook it over Michael's head and shouted look nanny granddad's pissapeared. We were both helpless!:D :D :D

Valerie Dunbar

master brummie
I will never to forget the time that I had a cookery lesson at school and had to get the cheese from my local shop, Parks in Lichfield Road (Mr Parks had already said to my mum that if I wanted a job after leaving school he would employ me) I needed to get 4 ounces of cheese, we were cooking cheese straws the next day. "Four ounces of cheese" I said, to which Mr Parks replied, "Oh! you need a quarter then". I replied in all innocence, "No! four ounces". :rolleyes: Needless to say my working life did not involve working in shops.


master brummie
When I was dyeing my hair, my 4 year old asked what I was doing. I told him, he ran to his sister shouting mommy's killing her hair!!


master brummie
We had been watching a black and white program and I Was telling my son how he didn't know how lucky he was about tin baths outside loos etc when my 3 year old grandson said was that what it was like in the black and white days then grandad end of rant Bernie


master brummie
When my daughter Rachael was little, she couldn't say her name properly and called herself "Raunchen". I sometimes call her by it now, and she remembers.
She sometimes wears a "Dressing gownd", she picked that phrase up from her mother!


master brummie
When my Mom (now 82) was a very little girl, she couldn't say 'cucumber'..........so she called it (wait for it........) 'cucowcumpington' Goodness knows how she got her tongue around that one!!lol