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T. Elvins & Sons Ltd


master brummie
Hi Lyn, Yes the building was Stoneleigh Abbey and most of the guys were working for Elvins at the time. Can anyone recall the Masonic temple built by Elvins on the Hagley Road and Ken Phipps?
Notes from a Masonic site
"In October 1971 our Master Bro. N.C. Stephenson opened the Lodge in the new Provincial Temple at Clarendon Road, Edgbaston. Work began on this site in 1968 by Elvins & Sons Ltd, the company which had built the Broad Street Temple in the mid nineteen-twenties. "


master brummie
thanks viv, i posted a reply to this thread some months ago but it seems to have dissappeared, and im sure julie replied to it. could you look into it for me?
Hi have only just seen this post..but better late than never. I've also just read the whole thread and it brings back such happy memories. It is like another world. Anyway I hope you see my reply ...Julie