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Stanville Road Primary School, Sheldon


Miss Spencer was my first teacher in 1945 at Stanville Road school. She lived in Barrows Lane and walked every day to school, and even when I would be on my way to work in the mid 1950's we would pass and say our "Good Mornings" to one another.
It seemed as if everyone from the neighbourhood was taught by Miss Spencer. She seemed like a very gentle person. It would be difficult for me to judge her age....all adults seem 'ancient' to young children don't they? She lived with a female relative and in checking the 1955 Midlands Electoral Roll, one of the ladies was Ethel M. Spencer and the other was Rosina A. Spencer. I cannot figure out their relationship to one another. Were they mother and daughter, or sisters?
Perhaps someone also remembers my teacher and knows more about her. She was highly regarded by everyone that remembers her and I have always wondered what happened to her. Hope someone can provide more information....I know how so many of you love a challenge and relish doing research. Perhaps there is a Register that lists school teachers that is available to the public.


master brummie

This could be Rosina, her sister Ethel Maud and her family on the 1911 census.

spencer 1911 census.jpg

There is a death registered in December quarter 1989 for Rosina Ann Spencer dob 22nd October 1902 Solihull South.


Thanks for your help. The 1911 Census pretty much confirms that the two ladies are the same people I have been wondering about. The address on the census matches the location of the cottage where the two sisters lived for so many years, so all I have to do is figure out which of the sisters was my teacher.
Your response was so quick and much appreciated. Thanks again.