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St Mary's School Wills Street

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Hello Billyboy and welcome to the forum. I started a thread of that school and put two photo's on. I will go and search for it. Jean.

Edit. Unable to trace original thread.


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My fathers class photo. He is in the 3rd row, on right standing in front of his teacher. I believe the school is called St Mary R.C and it is/was located near Hunters Rd, Hockley. My father was born 1914 so I estimate the photos date mid to late 1920's.


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This thread is created from posts on an earlier thread ("school photos") . Viv.

For ref a summary from the Britsh History Online site.

ST. MARY'S R.C. SCHOOL, Wills Street (B dept.), Brougham Street (G and I depts.). St. Mary's R.C. Sch. established 1850. Built with help from Cath. Poor Sch. Cttee.A.a. 1851: 80 G and I; taught by Sisters of Mercy H.M.I. gave good report 1852. This sch. was presumably the present Brougham St. one, near the convent. B dept. opened 1859 in new building (presumably in Wills St.) comprising one schoolroom. Fees 1d.–4d. Accom. by 1880: 534. B dept. enlarged 1890, and G and I depts. 1894. Altered 1935.St. Silas's Mission Church Hall and 2 rooms in convent used from 1949; accom. in St. Francis's Mission Hall provided 1950. Became an aided sch. 1953. Hall built, as first instalment of new sch., 1954. G and I depts. united 1954. Accom. 1955: 21 classrooms.


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hi terry thats a cracking class photo..where abouts would your dad have lived when he attended st marys...



Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.
Hi Lyn, he would have lived in either Park Rd or Whitmore St. I remember him saying he hated it at that school. The reason he was a Roman Catholic was because his father died just before he was born otherwise he would have been christened C of E, but his mother remarried to a Roman Catholic.