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St Gerards Hospital, Coleshill


proper brummie kid
Hi Celia
I was in St Gerard's when Mr Pastry opened the swimming pool. Indeed I was one of the patients in the pool that day - under strict orders not to get my arm plaster wet. Initially in Ward 3/4 (next to chapel) then moved to Ward 5/6, I was in the hospiatl for 6 months for remedial surgery on my left arm. Ward Sisters I remember best were Sister Antonia (known as The Ant) and Sister Philip. Many great nurses - Keen, McKenna, Gough, Byrne, - and the 3 surgeons were Penrose (mine), Innis and Allan.
Does anyone else recall the visit of folk duo Nina and Frederick. They signed my plaster. Another highlight was going down to the chicken farm with the food slops from the ward to meet the girls and have a smoke!
Before and after St Gerard's I was a regular for years at the physio clinics in Hinckley. The team was Sister Fintan, Sister Laserian, nurse Brasher, and their driver Mr Murphy!
Hello Tom,
My wife Ann (maiden name Butler) was about 10 when she was at St. Gerrards around 1959 and spent a year there in traction for T.B. of the knee.
She also had her plaster signed by Nina and Frederick (must have been the same day).