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Springhill Ice rink Summerhill Road


master brummie
Oh, how great it was at Springhill ice rink,had many happy hours there,even walked from Kingstanding one night as there were no buses running owing to the bad snow storm,got there and there was only half a dozen or so on the ice.
Remember the mens mad dash?my first pair of skates were ice hockey's cost me a fortune. then on Saturday nights a crowd of us would walk down to Snow Hill Station from Spring Hill for hot dogs and The Sunday Mercury. middle of summer,they would close the rink for maintenance,so it was then off to the roller rink for a change

The Baron

master brummie
Can you remember any names of those you watched? & was it Saturdays or Wenesdays you went
as we used to have inter club races on Wed; & inter Rink maches on Sat;
Do you now any one  or as any one on this site got any Pics of the old springhill rink. I remember they used to sell post cards at the rink of the building. I had one once but when I got married and moved to Sutton it got lost along will all my Autograph books :'(.
Help please :-[ ASTON


master brummie
I have been trying to think of names Aston, sooooo long ago. I did know a boy from Walsall who was a Mowhawk, I used to go to parties at his house. If I think of his name I'll let you know. O0

I thought speed skating was on Monday night, I guess it would have been Saturdays that that I saw them.
Put Springhill into the forum search box, we had a topic on it some time ago.

Theere must be a photo somewhere. I wonder if postie will find one for us.

The Baron

master brummie
Any memories of the Old Birmingham Ice Rink at Springhill. My memories are from 1950s till its close when MECCA Replaced it with a roller rink,for starters I Post a Pic of my self & my then girlfriend now wife Pamela & her friend Janet.(The Blondes mine) I do hope there is some one out there who remembers. They were GOOD DAYS.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Staff member
Lovely photo Aston. The outfits are perfect and the expressions too!


The buck stops here
Staff member
No , sorry mate I thought it was going to be an easy one, but I can't find one anywhere, I haven't given up yet, Keep watching. O0


gone but not forgotten
hi aston , nice pics, and very nice chicks, your wife looks a cracker, did you meet at the rink , like most of us i only lived around thhe corner from there we was there regular we spent more time in there than our own house, was you a local lad to the rink, also we spent a lot of time in the bamboo coffee shop across the road from there , see ya ouur kid , astonian ,;;;;

The Baron

master brummie
My sporting life Springhill in the 1960/70s BIRMINGHAM BARONS ICE HOCKEY CLUB.
You may know some of the faces in these Photos as they were all gegular skaters at the Springhill rink. I am the guy with the No4.
Note the old rink shop in the back of the Team Photos.

The Baron

master brummie
Thanks Postie, thats great I remember  that post card being on sale at the rink. Its taken looking towards the shop & entrance  end, the cafe is on the right .camera stationed on the balcony were they played the music from. My wife & I met at the spot bottom left were the girl is standing, she fell over and I jumped over her, turned and picked her up. that was some 50 odd years ago. ::)
This topic seems to have got split as I stated one about Springhill Ice Rink Hoping to get Pictures such as this. that would go with the Ice Hockey Team Pics I have Posted  on that site? and skating in general at the rink in including THE MOWHAWKS SPEED TEAM. :'(
Thanks again for your time O0 ASTON

The Baron

master brummie
The start of the return of ICE HOCKEY TO BIRMINGHAM the lads working to get the rink ready for the first ice hockey match to be played in Birmingham since 1939 when the old Birmingham Maple Leafs folded.Your truly is the guy at the back looking over at the work being carried out on the barrier gates. this is a Birmingham Post & Mail Photograph taken about 1960 at Springhill ice rink.