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gone but not forgotten
Hi guys;
does anybody recall the solihull roofing company of solihull
they had the contract for all the moderations and the roofing within the birmingham area
with the birmingham redevelopements[ birmingham council ]around the selly oak area of birmingham and most areas
my old friend micky caldweller was the general foreman for the company
and he was born and lived in abbey street hockley off the lodge rd by scribbons the bakery ; ?.
Have a nice day everybody best wishes astonian;;


Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi Alan

I remember them well, they did quite a lot of work for me. Ithink they are still trading.


gone but not forgotten
Hi mort ;
nice to hear from you again been a little while yes they was a good honest company ,i do not whether or not they are still
trading but they got the big contract i think they took over where bryants left off at whitmore street smal heath
my friend micky started there as a young one and worked for years for them ;
from boy to manhood and worked his way up to senior foreman [ he was a grafter from the start ]
it was funny how we met when we was young, there was a young girl called carol in our youth days
and when we parted micky whom i did not know at the time started to court her ,after i packed her up
and thats as to be fifty years ago at least i beleive they moved to tysley next to a place called the truck stop in tysley
and the firm sold him the house next to there yard ; i don,t know whether they are stil there when i go to the office today i will pass the yard to tpo my bussiness just around the corner from it
will speak soon ,have a nice day ; alan ; astonian;;


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys
yes they are till in bussiness they are where i said they was in tysesley i passed there modern yard two days ago
they are in wharf rd about 200 yards from the old truck stop ; along side the houses
a big good clean yard and and a new sign above there high shuttr gates
best wishes astonian ;; alan ;;