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Scout Jamboree Sutton park


Brummie babby
I also went to the Jamboree in 1957 at Sutton Park
I was only a wolf cub at the time with the 110th Birmingham group in Acocks Green (alas no more) but we 'performed ' to the music from Mars from Holst's Planets suite
I remember being dressed in blue? costumes with flashes on

I also collected autographs from many of the scouts from round the world who attended and still have the autograph book!!
I wonder where they are now


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At one time, when I was young (and dinosaurs roamed the earth) I collected stamps. Today I was looking at the conglomeration I still have (first time in about 30 years I've opened the box) and spotted this. Heaven only knows why I got it. Assume someone sent it to me, though do not know who.

BP centenary  sutton park first day cover.jpg


proper brummie kid
Went on days outing with other lads from Forelands hospital.Two nurses supervised us in a mini bus.
Mom and Dad loved in Sutton and met us there.

Mike Bond

master brummie
In the 1960's I lived very close to the Royal Oak Gate not far from the Parson & Clerk public house........ I felt the Park never fully recovered after the Scout Jamboree. Still have my wonderful memories though-couldn't take that away. Mike.


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Mike, thanks for that, an interesting comment and alternative point of view on the scout jamboree. I know from the photos it must have been a massive event and I understand that they put new roads in etc.


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There were concerns expressed in several newspapers at the time about the potential damage of holding the Jamboree in Sutton Park. The park undoubtedly would have been affected by such a large concentration of people living in one area over a short period. But there was probably another contributing factor; a storm at the start of the Jamboree (6 August 1957). See article from 7August 1957.

I shall move the Jamboree comments to the specific thread. Viv. Edit - now done.


Mike Bond

master brummie
My comments that I thought the Park had never fully recovered from the Jamboree is illustrated very clearly by driving from the Streetly Gate entrance along that roadway until you nearly reach the end. Look to your left and you will see huge square areas of Park land which is covered in vegetation but is completely flat in stark contrast to the untouched land. I suppose you would only really notice this if you are from my generation that remembers the Park before hand. Sentimental old codger.
Best wishes, Mike.


Ex-pat Brummie

I can well understand your concerns, it being in effect a public park. The Scouts have a well-used patch of land on the edge of the New Forest near Ringwood, which I presume that they either own or it is owned by someone sympathetic to the organisation. It's busy throughout the summer with the annual camp of many different groups of Scouts, but is unused during the winter. I have in the past when driving past at wintertime, stopped and taken a walk into the unused site, and it doesn't recover. It's pretty obvious what the site it used for. It's officially about half a mile outside of the actual New Forest area, which doesn't have an external fence or even boundary markers, so any impact does not affect the Forest itself.