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Ruston St North.



Can any one tell me if Ruston St North, Ladywood still exists. If not, Where it was. Ta


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Ruston St is/was the next street to Ryland St and off Morville St which was in turn off Ladywood Middleway. O0


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only part of Ruston street still exists it continues as Grosvenor street west it used to be in two parts which continued into Broad street that part as now gone whether it was call Ruston street north at some time need an earlier map

update in 1925 Ruston street continued across Broad street but it was still called Ruston street


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Ruston street North was the furthest end from Broad street in the 1800's that part is still there there as been lot's of development in the area so you would have to go and check it out to see what type of buildings are standing there now that all I can do from my key board


although i was bought up in the area i dont recall it being known as ruston st north. there are photos of it in all 3 of norman bartlets ladywood books


Thank's for the info folks, I was a 'Panda' driver at ladywood and I used to know the name of every street in Ladywood, but I had never heard of that one. It just happens that one of my ancestors lived at # 82 in one of the old censuses.


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:angel: Fran-My-Man Ruston St: Middle / Bottom right ...
Hope this helps.

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My brother was born in Ruston Street (1950) and says that where he lived is now where Tesco's car park is. My dad was a lorry driver for 'Panda'.
This thread seems to have gone dormant but maybe someone can answer a research problem. My 2xgreat uncle James MERRICK was christened in St. Thomas15th. July 1838 (born 28 June). His father Thomas Merrick is recorded as a cooper living in Ruston Street. I looked for Ruston Street in the 1841 Census and can't find it. Any suggestions?
Thanks Maurice
I love the map. I can only conclude from the none appearance of Ruston Street or Ruston Street North in the 1841 Census that the enumerator forgot to visit or missed out the street when copying up for sending on. It is said that the enumerators used to find the nearest pub to use as a kind of office base so depending on liquid consumption errors could happen.


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I have searched in the 1841 census for those few people named as being in Ruston St in the 1841 Pigot's directory, but cannot find any of them, so it is likely that the Ruston St area of the census is not extant
Thanks for taking trouble to investigate mikejee. Not what I wanted to hear but I suspected as much and now you have absolutely confirmed it. I pick up the Merrick family in the 1851 census in Bartholomew Street - still as a cooper .