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rest in peace dandilion


hunter of ancestry
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today is a very sad day indeed i went to the barn to feed my animals only to find dandy had past away very sudden and unexpectingly durning the night...he was only 9mths old, the vet thinks he may have had colic .. i miss taken him for walks to our mail box down the road and hearing him bleat in the morning he was a wonderful pet ...annie


true brummie
i feel so upset when i read about forum members animals dying. very sorry to hear about poor dandy. :(:(


Annie, it is always so sad when we lose a friend. I hope that being able to share your grief with us will help you in your need.


G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Annie i am so sorry for you. He was lovely as you have told me in e.mails. I bet he had a lovely though short life. He came from where the rescue horses live didn't he?. My friend bought two young goats and one even though taken straight to the vet died from the same thing. Speek to you later. Jean.


hunter of ancestry
Thank you all for your kinds words, dandy brought happiness to the farm he loved given kisses, chewing on the sleeves of my jackets and following me around the farm ill miss him very much...annie


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
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Dandy gave you so much happiness Greywolf. Sorry to hear that you have lost such a dear pet.


Its so painful when you loose a pet, I hope you feel better soon.

Beryl M

So sorry Annie -Poor Dandelion -Any animal lover feels your pain for it's happened to all of us. Remember it is what Dandelion has been given in love - free from pain he is saved