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Renting Tellies


master brummie
There is talk these days about scams, well like the wheel, scams have been around a long while.
I knew someone who was a doorstep canvasser: he would sell anything that the credit companies wanted him to sell in order to gain new customers.
He managed to con many, although few seemed to realise it. But his downfall and ultimate prison sentence was the result of visiting people he knew had a rental tv - because he had got them to rent their television from the company he canvassed for prior to this. He told them that he had to pick up their tv as it was an older model and shortly others would be along to install a new up-to-date set for them. Everyone, it seemed believed him.
Obviously when no new tv's arrived folks got in touch with their rental supplier. How he thought he could get away with it I do not know, as he was well known on the door knocking circuit.