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master brummie
The only actual radio I use these days is my airband receiver occasionally listening to communications between air traffic control and pilots and following aircraft movements on my laptop with Flightradar24. It satisfies my lifelong interest in aviation, radio, and computers ... :rolleyes:

I use Alexa Echo Dots to listen to normal radio stations ...:)

John L

master brummie
I fondly remember my dad tuning into the Third Programme in the early 60s to listen to Test Match Special in our shop with John Arlott, E W Swanton, Alan Gibson, Trevor Bailey, Norman Yardley and later Brian Johnson, describing the likes of Ted Dexter, Colin Cowdrey, Ken Barrington, Fred Trueman, Jim Parkes and our favourite batsman Tom Graveney. I believe they also played some music ;).


Brummie dude
i listened to a bit of the ARCHERS just now. i think it should be pensioned off now.putting it politely its run its course:(


master brummie
I haven't listened to the Archers since moving to Devon in 1954. It was Dan, Doris and kids and of course gravel voiced Walter Gabriel.
I changed my allegiance, for a short while, to The Luscombes. (Dorset based)


I always used to listen to The Archers before Covid but I got out of the habit when it paused for a while. It was never the same after Nigel fell off the roof!!
I loved Mrs. Dale's Diary after school. Also Waggoner's Walk, that didn't last as long.


Brummie dude
my mom was a great fan of mrs dale:grinning:

the cast: Dr. Dale (Douglas Burbidge) with his hands on the shoulders of Mrs. Dale (Ellis Powell). The other characters are daughter Gwen (Joan Newell) sitting far left; Mrs. Freeman (Dorothy Lane) seated second left; Isabel Fielding (Thea Wells) standing; son Bob (Derek Hart) centre; and daily help Mrs. Morgan (Grace Allardyce) standing far right. Mrs. Dale's sister, Sally Lane (Thelma Hughes) is seated bottom right.



master brummie
Standby for incoming,brave man!!!:eek::D:D
If only the whole cast had tried to rescue Grace...

There should be a rule that ALL serials should only run for a maximum of five years. My dad was a great Archers fan and my aunt had a point when she once said to him, "You do have a REAL family you know!".


Brummie dude
i had a dog in the 70s that when she heard the arches music on the radio of a night,she knew it was time to go and pick the other half up from work:grinning: