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Pype Hayes Hall


master brummie
Staff member
Thanks for posting this item Dave. I have read the Birmingham Post article today https://www.birminghampost.net/news...ld-by-birmingham-city-council-65233-29165724/
The comments following the article are very direct. Personally, I hope someone comes forward with deep pockets to buy it but whether it will be for community use or private use is hard to say. Rookery House is in limbo and now Pype Hayes Hall. Won't be much left in Erdington before long!


master brummie
Thank you for the update, Dave M. If there is a change of use that will mean planning permission is required & an archaeology & architecture report will have to be submitted. That will be publicaly available.


proper brummie kid
from what iv read no its been sold and not used 4 meny years shame was a lovley house and histroy is being wiped out sad 2 say lets hope it still stands and dont get knocked down i lived in this area so hope histroy of birmingham is saved


proper brummie kid
lets hope so 2 much histroy is being wiped out how will childen learn any thing about history if it keeps getting knocked down


Lubrication In Moderation
Took the Grandkids to Pype Hayes today.Some photos of the Hall.
All the times I've been there before and I've never really noticed the air raid shelter:rolleyes:

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
I have enjoyed this thread and how lovely to have a photo from Pype Hayes Hall with your lovely wife on Jim?.

Kenny Richards

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I have mixed feelings about the demise of Pype Hayes Hall; on one hand I would glady demolish myself because it represents a traumatic period in my life when I lived there as a child in care - However, on the other I loved the beautiful house, the out buildings, the parque floors, the grounds, gardens and putting green opposite. I recall playing cricket, watching American baseball teams play, my time at Paget Road School and some amazing walks / outdoor adventures. Last but certainly not least; I still mourn for the loss of all my schoolmates who I never saw again after I left there in the summer of 1963. There was a rumour that there was an underground tunnel that connected the house with the Bagot Arms - any possible truth in that? Anyway, I hope the house remains.


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Does anyone know how to track records from Pype Hayes Home, I.e. details of children who were placed there and for how long?


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Thank you for your very prompt response, this has given me something to work with. I appreciate your time.


Brummie babby
Hi I have some memories of being assessed at a childrens home, I think was pype hayes hall as I remember the park setting with families walking through. I feel I was in one of the rooms with a lady youngish where I played with a big dolls house. I would be so grateful if anyone could tell me if they know of this or if it would have been here? I feel sure I stayed in an attic room when I was unwell. The years were 1979 80 and 81. My name is louise o'sullivan I was 5 to around 8 at the time. I would appreciate any information as my memories are jumbled at the moment and I am trying to make sense of them. Thanks


master brummie
The Bowling Green Pype Hayes Park in 1970 and a recent aerial view.

An aerial view before the air raid shelter was removed.
View attachment 111313
Looking at the Bowling Green in Pype Hayes Park c1970, I could see the air raid shelter in the background and also in the recent aerial view. It has however been removed as the following photos show ...
Withairraidshelter (Small).jpg


New Member
Hi everyone, my name is Gerry I am newbie to this forum l just typed in Google search children's home with a donkey called Tiny. I have never really know the name of the home l was in until now and Tiny is the only thing I remember about it apart from picking blackberries and and making pie and custard with staff. I left the home and the care system in 1962.