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Pub Quiz League


master brummie
Well it’s 10 o’clock ... and no pub quiz!

what am I going to do today?

The nearest pub is? No points for this I’m afraid

I could make this a pub question but I will be kind on everyone. I cycled around some nice country lanes in the sunshine today. The question is where was I when I took this photograph during my bike ride?


A Sparks

master brummie
Snap, Sparks, but you must have just beaten me to it. I know nothing about this or the man, but Google can be quite useful.

Maurice :cool:
He came to my mind immediately, I remember him well from drumming with local bands in the mid 60's, before Led Zeppelin existed. I knew he was from the Redditch area but I also had to check Google for where he was actually buried!
RIP John.
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master brummie
A very young age it seems. I note his early days were beating out rhythm on pots and pans etc. I guess it drove his folks and neighbours mad at at times.