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Playing The Wag


master brummie
What excuses did you make up to play the wag or bunk off school? I used to drink salted water to make myself vomit & Mom would say " You`d better stay in bed today if you`re not very well " As soon as Mom left for work, out came the fishing rod & down to Brookvale park for some r & r.


Ex-pat Brummie

I don't think I ever did, though I hated school. I think if I had had the courage to do so, I would have probably done it every day!



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I am afraid I was a regular, I used to forge a note from my mom. She always ender her notes with “hoping you will understand”, so I would put this in to add authenticity.

There used to be the ‘wag catcher’, a man who would call at parent’s homes to check up. He would also stop kids in the street and ask why they were not in school too.


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Never dreamed of bunking off until I reached the age of 16. Not only had I become a radical teenager, but I took the view that if some friends could leave school by that age, I could do what I liked. After all I was there 'voluntarily'. Although this was not a view shared by the school, I was never punished for not turning up. Very accommodating! Viv.


master brummie
I only played truant once for an afternoon, my friend and I went to town in our lunch hour to buy material to make drindle? skirts,
we were late getting back to school so decided to go back to my house - which was in view of the school - and my dad was in bed as he was working nights - mom was at work, but I think someone must have tipped her off as she came home early and caught us. We had a right telling off but I can't recall any trouble at school.


knowlegable brummie
I hated school, but I did play the wag once, but I was so scared in case my father was to find out I did not think it was worth it.