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Photo Editing Programmes



Hi all

Can anyone recommend a really good photo editing programme that can be downloaded, please?



If you're looking for a Free application, a good one to start with from Google is:https://picasa.google.com/

Quite basic but with most Google applications well thought out.

'Photoshop Elements' is often packaged freely with printers, scanners and the like.


master brummie
Another fan of Picasa 3 here too. I do have Photoshop Elements 6 & love that as well but most of the time I use Picasa as it's so easy & quick to use.:)


master brummie
Even though I have other Photo software, I downloaded Picasa 3 last night and am impressed. It re-organised all my photos, and it's the first time I have seen them in nice tidy albums on screen. The editing is good for general use as well. The only thing it couldn't do was play sound in the mp4 videos from my Fuiji camera - but I can get round that !
many thanks


I do a lot of photo editing and I started off using free programs and found it best to use more than one as some are good at one thing and some at another.
If you're gonna be doing a lot of editing then I'd suggest you bite the bullet and buy Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0, it's widely recognised as the Best of Breed and I wouldn't be without it.
It'll cost you something in the region of £80.00 but Christmas is coming so maybe you can drop a few hints?;)
Anyway, best of luck

john knight

I do tons of photo editing and whilst the free ones are quite good, they are limited and once you become familiar with them and get used to photo manipulation you will feel restricted in what you want to do.
The 3 best are Adobe Elements 6
Serif Photoshop
Coral Paintshop Pro X2
I have them all, they are all roughly the same price £80,
You can download 30 day free trials of each.
I would love the full blown version of Adobe, but at £600
no way.


Hi all

Wow! £600! Thanks all of you for your help, I'll download Picasa and Serif and see how I get on.




master brummie
I have Adobe Master Collection CS3 Professional which includes Photoshop CS3.
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X1 + 10, 9 and 8 I use Corel 8 the most as said previous you can use different parts of the progams in application that suit what ever you are working on, I also use several other photo software programs


master brummie
A ten year jump from the previous post ... :D
The latest version Gimp 2.10 works well with Windows 10. The hours fly by when playing with 'cage' and 'n point' transformation.
It works as shown in the short video clip


Engineer Brummie
I have found Photoscape 3.7 excellent - free and easy to use with plenty of features. Note: don't go for Photoscape X as that doesn't include the clone tool unless you pay!