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Perry Barr Army Huts 1948 onwards....

Michael walker

New Member
There were two army camp's.one either side of the Walsall road?. There was Perry hall camp, the other was Perry Barr camp.Perry Hall backed on to the railway track.Perry Barr backed on to the canal. We moved out in 1951 from Perry Hall. We moved into a beautiful new council house in Booth's lane.


master brummie
1947 aerial view of the army huts next to the boating pool in Perry Barr park and some other small military looking buildings around that circular path to the left the huts.
ArmyHuts PerryBarrPark1947.JPG


master brummie
Perry Barr Park was an anti-aircraft base which had turn-style like rotating guns and was also the base for large searchlights .
As a very young child I used sit in the air raid shelter listening to those AA guns firing and the sounds of bits of shrapnel from their shells dropping all around and next morning all the kids in the road used to rush out to see who could find the largest pieces which were very jagged and sharp.

Doris Willis

Brummie babby
Anyone know who to cotact about the Home Guard in Perry Barr? I am trying to put together a surprise package of info and photos for husbands 70th birthday as his Dad was a Home Guard when he worked at Tucker Eyelets on the Walsall Road. If there are any books etc that would be great.