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Paradise Street


ell brown on Flickr
A few photos from over the last decade or so on Paradise Street.

Facade of Queen's College in 2009.

Pedestrian diversion in 2015 when Fletchers Walk was still there.

Cars in 2014. Will never be cars on Paradise Street again. At least they shouldn't go on what is now a tram only street.

Nor will any limo's go down here ever again. This was in 2015.

Town Hall Tram Stop in December 2019.

Tram arriving at Town Hall Tram Stop during January 2020.



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The map below shows nos 33 and 34 c1889. However there is some confusion in directories, and in early directories it would appear that the building marked 33 is recorded as 34

map c1889 showing 32,33 paradise st.jpg

Richard McNeill

master brummie
The Birmingham Museum Trust has a drawing of what is described as 'Free Trade Hall, Paradise Street, Birmingham' and dated 1886. The drawing is by Robert F Matthews (It is posted by 'mikejee' in message #6 on this thread below).

This is the only evidence I have seen of a Free Trade Hall on Paradise Street. It does not appear in Kelly's Directories of 1888 or 1894; nor does it appear on the 1880 Ordnance Survey Map for Birmingham. I've also not seen any other drawing nor any photo of the Free Trade Hall.

My hypothesis is that the building may have been proposed but was never built. Can anyone confirm of refute my hypothesis?
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I agree that it was probably an architect's impression. It certainly does not look like any building in Paradise St I have seen photographs of

supposed free trade hall paradise st.jpg