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Old Aston Cross


Colin Richards

Old Aston Cross

Faded images from yesteryear
Barely hidden behind these words
Rekindling memories of days no more.
Forgotten the fogs and rasping lungs
Stinking urinals under the silent clock
Buses late and overfilled
Open platforms off which to leap
To fall and curse while conductors laugh.
The Cross at Aston was known to all.

With Ansells hops and HP sauce
Mixed aromas arousing distant thoughts
The horse ’n’ carts and bread vans too
Old green co-op side of Thompson's pork
Two picture houses and pubs galore
Free Library for others and snooker for some
Destroyed by progress, its character gone
In memory only does its heart beat on
The old cross had it all.


Waited for the bus on many a dark foggy night eating my chips after coming out of the flicks
See it all now

Angela Ford

Brummie babby
Colin, did you live in a Newsagents near Aston Cross? and went to Albert Road School? I was Angela Ford and went to Albert Road for a while. Just wondered. Your verse conjured up so many memories.